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HyPerTherm Inc.

Hypertherm Inc.. + All of the wall insulation of buildings and monuments!
The wall is made of the cheapest & the Hypertherm material! Hypertherm Inc.. + All of the wall insulation of buildings and monuments!
The wall is made of the cheapest & the Hypertherm material! Hypertherm has a better insulation? Because there is no humidity, presence of movement behind him.
No need for vapor barrier, vapor barrier film, a vapor venting. Why are not mold of the old buildings, and in theory is much worse the insulation value? Building a solid heat-stable.

Also a solid insulation, this insulation Hypertherm. The market took the development of a mistake to think that brick. The air containing the ceramic walls, proper thickness, but compact link-PHYSICAL heat insulation can be improved, but many things can in turn worsening the efficiency of the thermal insulation ..... Worth a look, Wienerberger, the Porotherm bricks, specifically recommends that the insulation plastering, what's more, thermal insulation plastering together give the bricks Porotherm thermal conductivity value.

Worth watching for the recommended Multiport YTONG masonry block insulation, masonry elements of the recommended Ytong, what's more, the YTONG multiport thermal insulation in combination with the thermal conductivity values.

Note .....
Multiport Ytong 1m3 € 171 + VAT Hypertherm 1m3 € 85 + VAT (2010) Ytong thinner and thicker Hypertherm, if you have plaster, you want to build inexpensive, but there is another offer, even if the insulation is the best goal! The Hypertherm brings the technical content of any walls, the product against the fraction of price! Thermal insulation plaster category, the world leader in thermal insulation capacity Hypertherm, bulk point of view!

(76Kg/m3 this is added to the light mortar history)

The old world-renowned architects, building material manufacturers, they could have made today's modern-walling said they did not. Them for durability, interested in the property use, not for profit. Nearly 200 years, confirms the hypothesis .....
The Brick Development created the past 35 years, new problems, said modern brick masonry .... Thought to ventilate or to read, is not it?
Computation winwatt program, much better than a moldy wall today, mathematically, about the old brick. This would, in today's high-tech ......
You are in mathematics, the lack of data on prescribed formulas, or misplaced standards, measurements may be shortcomings and inaccuracies are interested in, or a savings which can provide an insulation system for you?
The insulation Hypertherm 9th Year certificate.
Hypertherm insulation efficiency, all completed to date, our client is satisfied every 9 years.
The Hypertherm insulation, the savings guarantee in writing the contract, but us in this insulating material in a single market not agree. Why? ? ?

Because the numbers are not derived from the savings of the product only intention of selling. That's it. This market, the marketing, the damage to the building design profession is a little martyr in this case.
Excellent thermal conductivity values, hardly any savings market is characterized by an insulating material ... Nor does it seem to anyone that what they paid for, purchased, in practice it does not take half of any savings, which the lambda, and from the calculation, heat, gas, invoices should be by default?
We have broken down the insulation before saving 3-6% discount Between working, put in savings compared to baseline. The HyperThem always exceeded this many times. 1X insulated enough, if the prudent choice!

The summer warming is a much smaller extent, also guarantees undertake. You know, the fact that cooling is about 3x more expensive heating costs, which is known, already unaffordable .....(?) Hereinafter referred to as a guarantee to Hypertherm

https: / / / site / hyperthermheatinsulation

/ Hypertherm warranty page. Low walls, thick Hypertherm, and will have more satisfied than other, more expensive cases. What we know. The Perfect insulation, thermal insulation properties of technical materials Knowledge is essential to create a quality living spaces !

We live in an age when the newly built residential areas, although " advanced materials "are built, but sometimes mold on the walls and pillars of the junctions.

The high cost of heating, air conditioning and the additional financial burden, and only realized during use.
The economic crisis is due to return to the masses with wood. The gas, fossil fuel prices, the skies, the gas-price support system, no nodding acquaintance with the cost, is expected to be discontinued, the support!
The consumer surplus, the pricing will be punished! Europe's mild winter, 300 million m3 per day, or even more burned flue gas to breathe, and be paid. YES YOU ARE A neighbor is running, and the children inhaled!!
As an average, 40% - part of the walls, 20% - Part of the roof and the ceiling over 10% - the bottom part of your escape. Hypertherm these structural elements of the insulation is sealed to post - even passive house level to improve - one fifth - can be reduced tenfold!

The consequences of this fact, even today, only the pharmacy, or ending in even numbers, arranged facing the limitation of daily traffic.
But what happens the next generation's health, if it does not change?
Health values, the concentration of dust is -8 degrees Celsius is exceeded, and this is a classic of the gas burner heating, and air movement, thanks also to the current minimum.
After the vehicles by continuous pollutant release to the real atmospheric pressure, the heating caused by combustion.

Many people want an ever warmer summers are unbearable heat, air conditioning, without increasing the cost to enjoy at home. VAN, who knows, have felt a solid adobe-WALL HEAT PROTECTION OF THE DAY Burning Oven: THIS KIND YOU


If congestion is a vapor wall structure is formed, the insulation is not technically similar to the insulation, which I bought, paid for.
Wait a decrease in the account, but to no avail.
However, in the summer when it starts to dry out, heat is trapped inside the sealed.
Then dry and starts to operate when it should not be more precise, when you (:-) heat loss.
Then use the air conditioner will be paid out of a lot of money, and then contaminate the environment, really! Enough to think that the current, we use the natural gas burning power plant will win a lot! And this summer, the summer air pollution and smog alert! And winter when the humidity is already high, it is notso much wet and heat . The Hypertherm material, there is no moisture behind it charges, and in summer the heat rejection capability!

Therefore, an ideal pairing of the established brick walls and simple, either passive insulation levels can be achieved with external - Hypertherm internal wall insulation solution!
Where there is no direct bonding between the insulation and the masonry, or already in the structure of the insulation or behind the air gap is planned, there is congestion vapor - vapor discharges occur.
Efficiency in the insulation, the moist air is lost due to - or significantly reduced, Yes! (Just like the sweater dry, wet pick up!)
Such a working air gap, or fiber (wool) systems point increase in heat loss in winter, when it suddenly occurs in the cold and the humidity is high. (Loft) in This is a cold, "feeling cold" periods, not just the people in the houses as well ... If you have a wall suitable thermophysical indices, vapor diffusion and sufficiently, you will not be separately ventilated to avoid mold on it.

The rating is still in the mold (!) Carry out, if it appears. The mold does not know marketing!
Such problems can cause waterproofing, thermal, insulation failure, or both. The ideal, theoretical efficiency of insulation, which is designed in capital letters, numbers sold itself, certainly in the air gaps due to (among others), in many cases, the changing value of roughly after installation!


The insulation is used to detect the quality of U (K) value, unfortunately, is not considered a stable constant in the presence of moisture.
There are a facade insulation board, where the standard interface defined in Bending at the Buffer rendering. Unfortunately, this is not generally observed in the insulating tales, and the general efficiency of the insulation - the wall because of its uneven two-dimensional - sometimes 2-5-7 cm distance from the insulation board to the specified value is not taken now, the only reason - may not even .
The fact of mist filling the insulating material manufacturer can not deny it. In return, the physical fact that the presence of moisture in the insulating ability of the insulation system, a fraction of what they provide, wisely silent about it .... The thermal conductivity value of Hypertherm, not good enough, as thermal insulation in the pages of major manufacturers, (Dryvit, Nikecell, Rocwool), but homogeneous, continuous thermal insulation for all!
Winter when the humidity is very high lambda values prevails, the Hypertherm even get the "worse" values, which, in reality, a better practice. Mathematical description of this complex process partial differential equations. Working to inviting a university building, thermophysical, teachers to engineers, that is the reality of the equation in the form of builders, architects, designers known up front, which will be justifiable to 1. "Why save the invoice 0-5-8% of the gas - a more" traditional 10 cm thick insulation system, and why 50% - was a Hypertherm 6-10 cm thick insulation?
This has the practical experience of what since 2002, we based our gas bills are paid!
A brick masonry wall insulation (NF Porotherm HS 38 or 44) for the size of 15-20 cm thick insulation Hypertherm degree dew point may result in a shift to shift the air containing the solid brick Hypertherm insulation.
This increases the life of the bricks (steam condensation after freezing, destruction), and thermal insulation, thermal protection, noise insulation and also improve efficiency. Just one example: if a fence would be the insulation around the house, do not believe that the distance from the wall, not detracting from the efficiency. This example to write the program? U calculates the value by which the wall? The insulation UPWARD TREND!

The passive house, now only have to imagine. (Joke) Anyone can do it, write the winwatt program 20-30-50 cm air that surrounds the house, and you're done, you can not be insulated, passive A +! Certainly not the cheapest? Is proving Because who I can count! In practice, sometimes more.
The distance between the wall insulation system, not at all negligible.
Do not just be a nice yellow house .... Ventilation of the insulation, as a general concept that can be seen that the efficiency is not consistent support ... The Hypertherm, a solid masonry structure attached to lightweight insulation, the insulation has no vapor Hypertherm charges, which could reduce the efficiency because there is no gap at all!
The Hypertherm, the wall, air gap without the adhesive material connected to it. Whereas, breathable, moisture saturation is, there is no need for any ventilation, make this material, while not losing the thermal efficiency!
These are the characteristics that make it unique by.
The design offices is also important information to the Hypertherm dew point of the heat insulation placed.
This "unlimited" was increased insulation in the era of thinner walls, too. Then, guided by economic considerations, that has not been possible, heat should not technically have ideas for masonry construction may also like Eg: 18-22 cm brick + Hypertherm insulation outside A + + insulation .... In this concept can be sold m2 can also be increased so that the energy certificate is also improving, and costs reduced.
In addition, the thickness of insulation Hypertherm, the current wall - layers, wall, roof - layers, depending on the structure and Subject to the requirements of static, can be increased without limit outside - inside!
Master builder, fire expert point of view, these properties already taken into account in the design, as non-flammable and lightweight

The most fashionable and minimalist design, LOFT style, as well achieved with such a soft curved Interior or exterior frontal sections.
The Interior Design considerations for heat Hypertherm Yes, positively a step used in fields such as molding material, such as thermal insulation, thermal bridges such as the exclusion of their endeavor. The facade Hypertherm retain heat, heat storage capacity close to considered fixed.
And warp knitting is not only a very minimal shrinkage.
The Hypertherm varied and versatile application.
To list just goes a long way, so we highlight just a few things first introductory page.
The Hypertherm is the cheapest way Passive building construction, building system. Example: without base, roofing, doors and without, the only superstructure € 285 + VAT per m2 cost may occur! This Passive (A +) building an example of information!
The heat of the brick masonry Hypertherm vapor discharges, discharges to eliminate moisture in the walls resulting from the loss of wall paints colors, the painted surfaces to prevent premature dirt offers a cheap and permanent solution! The Hypertherm attic insulation and other technical surplus properties Besides, you will see the very high thermal protection, such as value added. At least 50% of this, the summer-house area of the attic cooling costs. The roof spaces and generally present largely eliminates thermal instability. The mobile-based Hypertherm Shop brings the greatest benefits operator of low power consumption, and always pleasant sensation due to an internal space, could be out up to raging summer, extreme cold January. Conservatories, basement rooms, garages, libraries, server rooms, newly built Prefabricated Houses, houses, historic buildings, insulation made from a simple renovation, plastering.

A fireplace, a stove, a furnace, used for heating sources in today may be a serious cost factors.
The challenges of today's request is shown that these methods must be used for heating, maintaining an odd mood, talents, meanwhile, that do not have to chop wood, make fire, cold (?) and other auxiliary heating solutions to build.
If a fireplace, you could heat a house with 100m2, and it would be warm everywhere, it would need no other alternative winders, alternative heating methods After searching.
It is now little used in roofing solution BIO may highlight the connection with the construction, as the example: of course with due regard to the fire-resistant structures, for example: a thatch cladding.
The architectural solutions are possible between the heat, humidity and light aspects of the conservatory, a swimming pool, the loft is increased attention.
Be built cheap and fast high-efficiency buildings, mobile homes, halls, shops, a brick wall thermophysical point of view, the same properties also can be transported, may be raised design. In connection with Hypertherm Technology HOUSE OF CHEAP, CHEAP way building, appears as a new concept!
The Hypertherm is not only an action of thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials market was actually the timeless quality of the masses at affordable prices.
The selection of insulation life of the building has a long-term decisions, always present in the material dimension, not to mention the decision to sensation, and many other well-being perceived outcome.
Consideration should be what we choose, the consequences of a decision can be measured ten years!
The Hypertherm easily be used to heat and we make every effort to ensure that the most easily accessible to you, whether to buy materials or workmanship organization calls for either new construction or modernization to make you want from us, our partners or contractors.
The future will start today to build.
What is the purpose of this insulation Hypertherm: The recommended insulation Future - today - your honorable attention.
Hypertherm Inc to browse our site, and Hypertherm Hungary Kft team, thought-provoking and useful for your stay! Happy, successful, low-cooling-heating costs, we calculated new year, all who are interested, the customer, partners, and competing well in 2011!

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